Hermit Crab Upcycling

Thank you for checking out my blog that’s really about my experiences with being frugal, striving for zero waste, and living as healthy a lifestyle as I can manage.  Part of that is a business I started because I believe in eco-friendly initiatives and I am a compulsive creator.  You can get to my website here.  My portfolio is there including past commissions and current pieces for sale.

salt embroidery

wall art from recycled fabric and embroidery hoop

Hermit Crab Upcycling is where I take secondhand, unloved items and turn them into something stylish, sometimes offbeat, and interesting.  I use recycled and upcycled materials wherever possible in my projects and my own designs unless commissioned to do something specific.  I sell my own designed creations and am available for custom pieces if you like my work.

wood and blue flower pin

flower pin made from recycled buttons

I create using a variety of materials and techniques including sewing, hand embroidery, woodburning, buttons, glass, recycled onion bags, and whatever else strikes my imagination.  I’ve included a few photos, but you can see all this and more on my website.

caravan plaque

custom piece for friends with a blog by the same name