Back From Travel

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My apologies for the recent radio silence.  I was doing a lot of traveling, which can be simultaneously fun and stressful.  I’ll be doing a short series of posts about my wins and fails while trying to be frugal and zero waste during my journey.  I’ll talk about some of the gear that made my life easier and made the experience better for my mental health.

It is easier to make a simple life that is frugal and low waste when we’re in our comfort zone.  Routines and familiarity are significant tools that empower our efforts.  Travel is the opposite of that.  We’re in unfamiliar places where we aren’t familiar with the terrain.  Good planning can mitigate these challenges, but being out of our comfort zone can add a layer stress to the experience.

Of course, that is my experience, which I am sure many of you share.  If you are someone who is energized by travel and enjoys breaking routines, then I salute you and wish you well.  It is a strength I often wish that I had.

My goal is to have a camper van that I can travel in so I have a base of operations that enables me to maintain my routines without having to pack and unpack.  How do you make traveling easier and less stressful?