9 Ways to Deal With the Clothing Go Pile

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So you went through your closet to get it down the essentials, now what?  You have a go pile of clothing that isn’t working for you any longer.  Well here are nine options for what to do with it.

1) Look for Fabric Recycling

Any clothing items that are not wearable due to stains or damage can be recycled.  Fabric recycling is becoming more common and there may be a drop-off location nearby.  You can google your town or city and ‘fabric recycling’ to see what options may be available.

2) Dedicated Charities for Special Clothing

There are specialized groups for wedding dresses, office clothing such as suits, and bras.  Many are local though some operate regionally and nationwide.  If you have items like this, these kinds of groups already have individuals looking for donations.  From military brides to low-income individuals looking for work, you can help people often right in your area with your fancy clothing that is still in good shape.

3) Domestic Violence Organizations

Groups that assist domestic violence victims often collect clothing to help victims get back on their feet.  Men and women fleeing abusive situations often arrive at shelters with only the clothes on their backs.  What isn’t used by the organization itself may be sold to help support the organization in other ways, such as providing food and shelter, household goods to get victims set up in their own homes, and outreach.

4) School and Theatre Groups

Interesting clothing items could be of use to school drama clubs and community theatre groups.  Operating on a shoestring budget, donations of good quality clothing that can be used in productions can be a welcome resource.  If you want to do this, be sure to contact the group ahead of time to go over the items you have available and see which items, if any, that the group can use.  Space can also be a precious resource and so not everything can be taken or used.

5) Local Crafters

If an item is made from fabric that isn’t damaged, then local crafters may be interested in an item for the fabric and attached notions (buttons, zippers, etc).  You can offer items on Craigslist and Facebook for this purpose.  You may also be able to find local sewing and quilting groups that may be looking for fabric for projects.

6) Local Families

Has there been a recent disaster such as a fire or storm that has left families in need?  Your items can be a welcome relief from having only one outfit while they get back on their feet.

7) Facebook

Buy Nothing groups, Garage Sale groups, and Free Stuff groups are all ways to connect with people in your town or city to find new homes for your clothing items.  People are increasingly using the internet to connect and find what they need.  You’ll need to take some pictures, but it is quick and easy to put up a post listing items and sizes.

8) Friends Swap

Clothing swaps among friends can be a great excuse to get together and hang out.  You’ll be able to try things on and have some fun.  Even if you and your friends aren’t exactly the same size, they may have family members who could benefit or they may have craft uses for items.

9) Organize a Neighborhood Clothing Swap

A clothing swap on a large scale, this could bring awareness to your community about clothing waste and inspire others to make more use of pre-love clothing.  If you don’t want to organize such an event yourself, you can suggest it to one or more local organizations that might be interested.  Sometimes just a spark is needed to get something going.

These are some ideas for what you can do with your go pile aside from dropping it off at a Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Do you have any suggestions?  Share below.