How being frugal helps me be more charitable

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I have adopted a soldier.  You may support local groups, help the homeless, or donate to veterans.  Whatever charitable contribution you choose, frugality can help supercharge your efforts.  How, you ask?

First, being frugal frees up more money in your budget.  This means you can donate more money or purchase more items to donate.  The more you save on other things gives you more options for the money left over.

Second, being frugal can free up more of your time.  You’re not buying a lot of stuff to take care of and so you may have more time to volunteer.  Giving your time can be very rewarding and have significant impacts on your mental health.

Third, being frugal can make the most of what money you do have to put toward your chosen charitable endeavor.  Flex those frugality muscles to make the most of your dollars all the time.  I can purchase many more items for my adopted soldier when I’m using the same frugal principles that save me money.  Rather than splurge on unnecessarily expensive items, which is tempting for such a good cause, I keep spending under control.  This allows my charitable dollars to go further.  Since name brands are, for the most part, arguably of no better quality than store brands, you’re not sacrificing anything.  No need to feel bad about saving money on items to donate because you know the quality is there plus you’ll be able to give more.  That’s a win-win in my book.

Frugality can often be seen as being miserly.  Uncharitable people are frugal or cheap.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  The way I see it, frugal people can be more charitable because we know how to get the most out of our money.  That’s a skill any charity can appreciate.