Five Frugal Things June

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I have been feeling crafty lately, which is a great way to be more frugal.  Being able to make, repair, and alter items is a valuable skill set.  Hoarding craft supplies from past projects can also come in handy.

  1. It’s difficult to find capris the right length for me.  I bought two pairs at my local Goodwill and hemmed them myself.
  2. I made my own belt with pouches, which I detailed here.  Buying one would have cost a lot more than the few materials I purchased.  Craft stash for the win.
  3. I’ve been cooking at home and bringing food to work for lunch and dinner.
  4. I’m taking advantage of free opportunities to work out and continue to avoid a gym membership.
  5. I am visiting my library more often since I’ve had more time to read.  I read quickly, so being able to stock up for free is a budget saver.

2 thoughts on “Five Frugal Things June

  1. Journeys of The Zoo

    Your gym membership comment reminded me that my kids are starting their annual swimming lessons at out local pool next week. Once again, I will shower there for the two weeks. I do get a few looks from the other parents (as it’s only kids swimming time) but I’m not breaking any rules and I have paid for my kids to use the services. Here’s to more frugal days than not.

    1. masonjarrevolution Post author

      Frugality is often about thinking outside the box and using resources that aren’t obvious. Sounds like you are flexing those creativity muscles.

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