Why I quit my subscription box

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Subscription boxes are all the rage these days.  Whatever your interest is, from cooking to gaming to the outdoors, you can find a box that claims to cater to you.  What is a subscription box?  Basically, you sign up, pay a fee each month, and the company will send you a box in the mail each month with stuff in it.  That’s all there is to it.

I signed up for an outdoors-themed box because I want to do more camping and outdoor activities.  The price was right around $30 per month.  At first, it was like christmas each month to get my mystery box in the mail.  I couldn’t wait to open it and see what was inside.   The items themselves seemed to be of good quality.  Nothing struck me as overly cheap or wasteful.  As the months went by, the main issue for me was how many of the items were actually useful to me.

This is something you have to decide for yourself.  That’s why I’m not naming the box.  I have no complaints about the box itself, so I don’t want to look like I’m advocating against it.  However, since these companies are sending the same box to thousands of people, not everything is going to be useful or appropriate for everyone.  This was definitely the case for me.  Some boxes were great and I loved everything in them.  Others came with items that were just not for me.

A recent box was full of personal care type things.  Many were fairly neutral, just not things I needed.  So those went in the care package I sent to my adopted soldier.  Waste not, want not. Some were clearly for guys, which I understand is a perceived demographics thing. Others were a little more interesting.

Yes, tactical deodorant is a thing.

As I try to question expenses on a regular basis, I found myself questioning how much value I was getting from my $30 per month.  Ultimately, with such a hit and miss track record, I decided to cancel it.  That was based on my personal experience.  Yours may differ and that’s fine.  Each of us has to decide what expenses are working for us and which ones are dead weight.  For me, it’s better for my goal to reduce waste to only buy the things I need.  I think the value of the boxes was there, so I may end up spending a little more.  However, I won’t end up with a basket of things to find homes for because I have no use or interest in them.