How to deal with frustration on the journey

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It’s easy to get frustrated about where we are in comparison to where we want to be.  We read or watch videos or talk to people who are more frugal, more zero waste, or healthier than we are.  It is easy to feel like our efforts aren’t worth it.  Life is a journey, though, a process through which we keep growing and make progress to our goals.

There are times when I feel like I should be more frugal than I am, that I should be doing so much better.  I don’t think about how much less money I waste these days than I used to.  Or with zero waste, I get frustrated at the waste I still produce instead of looking at how much I’ve eliminated.  I feel like I should be eating as healthy as others, as strong as they are.  I don’t think about how much better my diet is now, how I am working out when I didn’t for a long time.

I try to remind myself of the progress I’ve made.  I also try not to judge myself for the decisions in my past that held me back.  We all have perfect hindsight, but at the time we were different people.  So I developed a mantra to remind myself that it’s okay to grow and keep growing.  That, yes maybe, I would be further along if I had made different choices, but I didn’t.  It is not helpful to beat myself up over it.  Making better choices now and in the future is much more productive.

“I was who I was then.  I am who I am now.”