Five Frugal and Zero Waste Things May 2017

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Well, you all know that moving and the aftermath was not a frugal time for me.  Since we have come to the end of May, I am combining my frugal and zero waste things for the month into one list.

  1. I started working out again and have spent zero dollars on gym memberships.
  2. I took my own mason jar of water for water on the go while working out.
  3. I cooked large batches of food to last most of the week for lunch and dinner both this week and the week before.  I do this sunday night.  Friday lunch is tricky since I haven’t got a routine down for cooking mid-week.  I don’t eat leftovers after 4 days unless they’ve been frozen.
  4. I bring dishes to work for eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner when necessary.  This prevents single-use plastic silverware and excessive paper towel usage.
  5. I am reusing the cut off sections from hemming capris to make small pouches.  I’ve already made a belt from a length of black woven strap that I picked up free somewhere and hardware I got with 50% off coupons.  The plan is to hang the pouches from the belt with clips so I can move them around and change the configuration.  The attachment hardware will be the next puzzle to figure out.

What are the little victories in your life?