Moving – Trying the Internet Mattress for Myself

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My apologies for the recent radio silence, but moving has been very stressful and insanely busy.  There is always so much stuff that seems to appear out of nowhere when it is time to put everything into boxes.  Yet at the same time, there were many things I did not bring due to attached memories that I do not want.  One of those things was my bed.

So I needed a new bed, but funds are slim.  I’ll be talking more about the moving process and how unfrugal it turned out to be.  At least on this matter, I was persuaded by one of my favorite blogs The Frugalwoods to look online for an affordable solution.  Several years ago they blogged about buying an Internet Mattress from Amazon for less than $300.  Just recently, they posted an update after five years.  They are still very happy with their choice and still recommend it to others.

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Though I am not a fan of firm mattresses, their Internet Mattress did come in a more plush option.  I chose the LUCID 12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress – Dual-Layer – CertiPUR-US Certified – Full with its 3″ of gel memory foam on top of the base foundation foam.  It cost me roughly $331 with free shipping to my door.

It wasn’t light, but surprisingly not as heavy as I anticipated.  The box had a 2 person lift sticker on it, but I was able to get it up the stairs to my bedroom alone.  Lots of sliding and flipping end-over-end up the stairs.  It was clear once I opened the box to reveal the mattress rolled up that the company has some heavy duty vacuum technology.  Taking heed from the Frugalwoods account, I was careful to clear the area in case of explosive decompression.  The actual unpackaging process was rather anticlimactic, unfortunately.

The mattress started to expand as soon as I cut the plastic away.  It was almost full height within minutes.  To facilitate the process of expansion and off-gassing, I took off the mattress cover it comes in.  I also opened my windows and left them open as much as possible over the next several days.  Unfortunately, due to the tight timing, I do not have a proper bed frame yet. I hope to find one soon that is used and inexpensive.  For now, the mattress is on the floor.  I opted for a full-size instead of a queen to save on space in my bedroom.  The difference is slight but noticeable.  Also, full-size sheets are cheaper than queen-size.  I chose Better Homes and Gardens full-size sheets from my local Walmart for the balance between a decent thread count and a price that wasn’t totally outrageous.

My first night sleeping on it was okay.  It is comfortable and I expect it to become more so the more that I sleep on it.  New mattresses are always stiff.  I put on an AllerEase Maximum Allergy and Bedbug Waterproof Zippered Mattress Protector – Vinyl Free & Hypoallergenic Full as well under the sheets.  I have no complaints with it at this point.  First impressions have been favorable and I hope to be able to report continued satisfaction in years to come.

If you’re needing a new mattress at a favorable price, I would also recommend that you consider getting an Internet Mattress.